Family Style Friday – Late Winter’s Walk


Look of The Day - Shweta & Baby JWith the warm weather on Sunday, 10 degrees Celsius in Toronto, we couldn’t help but take a walk and enjoy the the fresh air.

Baby J got quite a few compliments on her coat that day, so that I thought it would be a great chance to start some Mommy and Toddler Style posts.¬† With Baby J now being 3 years old she has a lot of influence on her look everyday (as you can see) which often slows us down as we are going out the door and causes us to be inevitably late for appointments, events etc. But in the end if she’s happy with what she’s wearing then what’s the harm with being five minutes late ūüôā

Baby J’s style sense is: “More is More”. She always grabs the hat, gloves, umbrella etc as we are running out the door.

My style sense is simple: “Never Let Em See How Tired You Are” hence the giant sunglasses.

Baby J is wearing:

Shweta is wearing:

Hopefully as the weather gets warmer and warmer, I will have more diverse outfit posts to share, because frankly right now, its all about the coats!

Until then. Remember what Shweta Says: “Never Let Em See How Tired You Are”

xoxo Shweta

Pixie Mood Purse Review

I’m a mom. I’m a toddler mom. I have a gorgeous designer diaper bag like many of you. Except, I rarely use it.
I pretty much stopped using designer diaper bag when Baby J was 8 months old because I found it was just too heavy and bulky and took up all the space in her stroller basket and just did not fit my small shoulders lifestyle.
Adamant to not “that mom” who carries a giant diaper bag I started looking for affordable handbags which could do double duty as a purse for me and a bag for Baby J.

I recently discovered Pixie Mood and found the perfect bag to fit my needs!

Sarah bag by Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood is an animal-friendly company. All of their products are cruelty-free and made with vegan like leather. These bags are light weight, made of synthetic wool, cute and the interior lining is beautiful!

Don’t believe that Baby J and I can share? Check what’s in my bag!


For me:                                                    For Baby J:
Wallet                                                       Clothes
Hairbrush                                                 Change pad
Makeup                                                   Wipes
Phone                                                      Water
Keys                                                        Book

Did I mention the price point? $45!!!!!! For this amount, you can have more than 1!

Ladies, listen to what Shweta Says: We don’t have to give up style for function! We CAN have it all!

xoxo Shweta

P.S. I was not compensated for this post however Pixie Mood was kind enough to give me a complimentary bag for this review. However, I already have my eye on the Vanessa bag as a spring purchase! Soo cute!

Vanessa Bag by Pixie Mood

The Tale of the Magical Gucci Booties

Once upon a time there was a Queen named Shweta who lived in the town of York with her husband the King and their beautiful daughter Princess Baby J.

The Royal family was often invited to balls in far away lands where the Queen would admire the beautiful shoes of the other Queen’s and Empresses.¬† Queen Shweta would implore the King “Please darling, can’t I have some of those beautiful red-soled shoes too?”. But alas, the King would always remind the Queen that it was better they save their gold for sweet Princess Baby J. Of course the Queen knew that the King spoke the truth as he was very wise, but whenever she could she couldn’t help but pop her head into the shops in town and sneak a peak at the pretty pretty shoes.

One cold and blustery day in January the Queen’s sister, Lady S,¬† was visiting and asked to be accompanied for a day of shopping and food along the streets of Bloor. The Queen gladly went along and had a lovely time visiting the local shopkeepers. After a few hours the two ladies were feeling peckish and so they stopped in to Ye Holt Renfrew for a few minutes to repose and have some snacks.¬† They were on their way to snack shop when suddenly out of the corner of her eye the Queen saw the most beautiful shoes she had ever seen!!!!¬† She felt compelled to approach and see these dazzling shoes and noticed that there was only pair left in the entire shop.

"Gucci Booties"

Beautiful Gucci Booties with Fur Trim

The Cobbler not realizing who he was talking to said rudely “Those are the last pair and they are a small size. Everyone has been wanting them all day.” The Queen thought to herself “well there’s no harm in just trying them on.” And so she did. And lo and behold they were the perfect fit! Not only that, but something special happened when she put on these brown leather Gucci booties with fur trim; they made her stand taller; they made her feel cool and special. But the Queen was reminded by the King’s wise words “We should save our gold for Princess Baby J” and so she was prepared to put the beautiful Gucci booties, that seem to be made for her, away when she suddenly saw the sign.¬† SALE 70% OFF! Oh it was truly a sign from the shoe Gods. These Gucci beauties booties were meant to be hers and have a prominent place in the royal closet.

The Queen returned home with her magical Gucci booties that made her feel special, and seeing the smile on her face, the King couldn’t help but agree that they were worth every penny.

But shortly thereafter the Queen was saddened to see her beautiful booties sitting in her closet. These shoes deserved to be seen and admired. And so the Queen threw a gala and invited all of her royal friends and family. Everyone came in their finest attire, but the star of the evening was the Queen, not just because of how she looked in her booties, but because of how wonderful these magical Gucci booties made her feel.

"Gucci Booties"

The Queen with her Gucci Booties

The moral of the story? ShwetaSays that everybody deserves to have their own magical pair of shoes that make them feel like a Queen!


P.S. Although names have been changed, this story is based on real life events

P.P.S. This blog post is not sponsored by Gucci or Holt Renfrew… but I wish it was ūüôā

Affordable Outfit – High Tea

You may remember my recent post about my Dream Outfit for High Tea. Well, unfortunately that Dream is a far way from reality for this working mom, and so I’ve put together an outfit that I think would still look spectacular for High Tea. These are all pieces that can be worn together or separately and create a very timeless look. What do you think?

Affordable Outfit - High Tea

J Crew party dress

ALDO stiletto heels

Ivanka trump handbag

Tom ford sunglasses

Dream Outfit – High Tea

If money were no object…. this would be the outfit I would wear to High Tea with my girlfriends.¬† The dress looks very comfortable, the purse is a Birkin Bag by Hermes and the shoes are Louboutins because every girl with unlimited cash should have some.

Dream Outfit - High Tea

What do you think? Would you wear this?

Christian Louboutin stiletto pumps