Kimye’s Having a Baby – And I don’t care

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!! Kimye is having a baby and I don’t care!

I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care!

However, I am completely irritated because I know the next six months are going to involve daily news articles about the baby to be. Photo’s of Kim Kardashians baby bump will dominate every entertainment news feed. Journalists will make up headlines like:

  • Kim’s workout regime while pregnant
  • Kim & Kanye planning a wedding before baby makes 3!
  • Kim’s having twins!

And it is going to be longest six months ever for those of us who couldn’t care less! I mean I’m as happy for Kim as I am for any pregnant stranger, but I really don’t need a play by play. I don’t want to know what Kim’s craving while pregnant, I don’t care if she is going to start a maternity line or how much she is going to spend on her nursery.


And frankly I find the media’s obsession with pregnant celebrities to be quite scary. As some readers of my blog know, I suffered two stillbirths during the second trimester of pregnancy and other celebs have had similar experiences. I can’t even imagine the pain of going through that under the public eye. I didn’t mean for this post to get serious… But REALLY! ENOUGH! Why are celebs like Kanye (who has a big mouth I know) announcing their pregnancy so early? I mean there was no need! Isn’t Kim afraid of “evil eye”?

Yes, I’m ranting and raving.. but I’ve HAD IT! I’m sick of celebs using pregnancy to keep themselves in the headlines. And I’m sick of headlines being dominated by pregnancy. And before anyone suggests it… no I”m NOT jealous at all. Just annoyed.

So listen up celebs! Listen to what Shweta Says: “There is no need to announce you’re pregnancy until you are so huge that you can no longer see your feet.  Enjoy your moment with your loved ones and respect your privacy. Trust me”.


Kim and Kanye, Kimye

Obligatory Kim and Kanye photo courtesy of Wireimage

Binders Full of Women



But I am a Recruiter and this is a RANT!

When I watched the U.S. Presidential debate two weeks ago between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama I started yelling at my screen.

Am I to believe that Mitt Romney, an executive with 25 years experience needed to get “Binders Full of Women” so that he could staff women for his cabinet? Really??? Really?? (said in a Seth Myers, SNL Weekend Update voice).

Binders Full of Women, Mitt Romney, shwetasays, Clinton

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Did Mitt not hire any women in his previous roles who he could have reached out to? Did Mitt not have numerous contacts from his 25 years of work in the private sector who were women ?

Also, who were these people who originally presented him with only male candidates? Were they also men? Was this just a big boys club? Bet it was. Because in over 8 years of recruitment experience there has only been a handful of times that I have only had men as qualified candidates. So either Mitt doesn’t know women, or his staff didn’t want to present him with female candidates. Either way… shame on you Mitt.

And so, executives of the world, here is my recommendation if you are looking for great talent.

Regardless of gender, look no further than your current organization.
At around the five year mark, people generally look to make a change in their career. Review your of list employees with five years tenure and have them taken for lunch. Find out their strengths, their interests outside of the office and where they want to take their career. Also, ask them what they love about the organization, and where they feel there is room for improvement.

Secondly, look at your high performing talent. What companies did they come from? Should your company recruit more talent from that organization? Sit down, and ask them who they know. Why? Because good people ALWAYS know good people.

And this is why I was so angry watching the debate. Good people always know good people. So why didn’t Mitt know a few good women? Why did he choose to surround himself with just the good old boys? Is it because with five sons and no daughters, that’s all he is comfortable with?

I am not American, but if I was… I would not vote for a man who needed to be brought a “Binder Full of Women”.