Shweta’s Secret Stash

Like many other couples out there one of the first things that my husband and I did when we got married was set up joint accounts. Joint bank accounts, joint credit card, joint line of credit. In theory this is a great idea, we have all of our income go into a shared account, and our expenses also come out of this account.

One of the benefits of this has been that he and I feel a greater sense of accountability to spend our money wisely, since it is no longer mine or his.. the money is now OURS.

In theory this was a good idea but in hindsight I wish i had insisted on having joint AND separate accounts. Why? Because my husband works for one of the big banks and checks our account statuses on a daily basis. So annoying! So, what happens if I want to buy him a birthday present? If I use a credit card or debit card he will see the transaction almost immediately. What if I want to splurge and buy myself something frivolous? Again.. he knows almost instantaneously. I’ve spoken to my husband about having one joint account and each of us having an individual account for personal expenses, but he stubbornly refuses to listen to reason. He doesn’t see why we should have anything private from the other.

I’m sure that I’m not the only person in this predicament, and I am here to let you know I have found a sneaky solution!

Secret Stash

Secret Stash of Cash

I call it my “Secret Stash of Cash!”. Yes, it’s true. I’ve become one of THOSE women who squirrels away extra change, and money from lunch and hides it under the mattress (not really the mattress. Don’t go looking there husband!). Now, my secret stash isn’t really that secret, because my husband and family know I have it, but the amount of money in it, and its location are only known to me!

Last year I went on a girls trip to Montreal, and thanks to my Secret Stash of Cash, I did some fun guilt free shopping including some jeans from Parasuco and a blouse from Jacob. Extra bonus is that when I want to buy my husband a gift, I pay cash, and that way it remains a true surprise!

Remember my wish for redsoled shoes? Who knows, maybe I will save enough for those one day to place beside my magical Gucci booties. And trust me there will be a blog post created immediately!!!

So ladies and gentleman. If you don’t already have your own bank account… set up a secret stash of cash.

Why? Because Shwetasays that every woman & man deserves guilt free shopping!

What do you think? Sneaky or Smart? Any other ideas out there? Share!!

5 thoughts on “Shweta’s Secret Stash

  1. If he checks your account all the time wouldn’t he notice if you bought him a gift but he didn’t see the transaction? If it’s just for a gift you could have one of your friends loan you the money to buy it then pay them back after you give it to him. I like your post because I’m planning on having a joint account with my girlfriend once we get married. It gives me some insight into the world of marriage! I never understood why people would keep their finance separate after they got married.

    • Thanks Chris! That’s a great idea about getting my friend to loan the $$ until the day. In asking my other married friends, I’m finding people either have all accounts joint, or one joint and one each individual. Good luck with your upcoming wedding (if you’ve proposed yet!).

  2. My boyfriend and I have been living together for 4 years now and we’ve talked about joining our funds. We’ve agreed to keep our accounts separate. All of our bills are paid and we have a joint savings account of which we decided together on what to spend it on (i.e. trips, major household items ect…). Down the line (perhaps when we are married) we may approach this subject again, but as of right now… why change a good thing?

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