Fashion Week Fraud Falls Flat

I recently was able to take something off my bucket list. I attended a show during Fashion Week in Toronto thanks to my friend PinkChai who let me tag along! I am not a celebrity, I am not a fashion industry insider, I’m just a girl as many of you know, who likes fashion.

And so on Friday after working at my real job in Human Resources, I put on a fresh face of makeup, my highest heels and headed out to rub elbows with all the pretty people.  I was feeling all special and important as I sauntered up to the tent for World Mastercard Fashion Week 2012, that is until my sky high heels gave out on the uneven floors and I fell flat on my face in front of a slew of photographers.  Thank you to the kind photographer who ran up to see if I was okay. I was fine, and aside from my hurt pride, actually found it quite humorous since I am the type to find it very difficult to not break out in laughter when people take a wipe-out, so fair is fair.

Once inside, Designer Guest ticket in hand, I was able to really look around. As a newbie to Fashion Week I thought I would share some insights for any other frauds attending next year.

  • Skip the little black dress. You will blend in too much with the people working the event.
  • Be prepared to have your pic taken for Street Style. Practice your poses ahead of time.
  • Get there early to enjoy the lounge before the show. I was lucky to have Samsung draw a photo of me on their new Note II, have Express take a photo of me and get free mascara from Maybelline. Oh and I enjoyed more than a few glasses of yummy complimentary wine from Stoneleigh Vineyards.
Samsung Note II

Drawing of Me on Samsung Note II

  • Try to get an aisle seat. Easier to take photos and a better view.
  • Don’t be surprised by the size of catwalk and number of seats. It’s a lot smaller in real life than it looks on TV!
  • The shows are usually only 20 minutes long. I expected it to be much longer!
  • Don’t be intimidated by all the well dressed people because it’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it.

So if you do get to attend a show during Fashion week, remember what Shweta Says: Go in there and strut your stuff and don’t let anyone guess that you are a Fashion Week fraud! And try not to fall.

Toronto Fashion Week; #WMCFW

Posing for Express at World Mastercard Fashion Week

5 thoughts on “Fashion Week Fraud Falls Flat

  1. Good stuff…you’re a talented writer Shweta and I love the Samsung simulation of you! I can certainly appreciate the light youve shed to fashion show novices. I spent the last year organizing one and you’re right in that its all about flaunting your gear and rocking that strut on the night of the show!!!!


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