Fashion Week Fraud Falls Flat

I recently was able to take something off my bucket list. I attended a show during Fashion Week in Toronto thanks to my friend PinkChai who let me tag along! I am not a celebrity, I am not a fashion industry insider, I’m just a girl as many of you know, who likes fashion.

And so on Friday after working at my real job in Human Resources, I put on a fresh face of makeup, my highest heels and headed out to rub elbows with all the pretty people.  I was feeling all special and important as I sauntered up to the tent for World Mastercard Fashion Week 2012, that is until my sky high heels gave out on the uneven floors and I fell flat on my face in front of a slew of photographers.  Thank you to the kind photographer who ran up to see if I was okay. I was fine, and aside from my hurt pride, actually found it quite humorous since I am the type to find it very difficult to not break out in laughter when people take a wipe-out, so fair is fair.

Once inside, Designer Guest ticket in hand, I was able to really look around. As a newbie to Fashion Week I thought I would share some insights for any other frauds attending next year.

  • Skip the little black dress. You will blend in too much with the people working the event.
  • Be prepared to have your pic taken for Street Style. Practice your poses ahead of time.
  • Get there early to enjoy the lounge before the show. I was lucky to have Samsung draw a photo of me on their new Note II, have Express take a photo of me and get free mascara from Maybelline. Oh and I enjoyed more than a few glasses of yummy complimentary wine from Stoneleigh Vineyards.
Samsung Note II

Drawing of Me on Samsung Note II

  • Try to get an aisle seat. Easier to take photos and a better view.
  • Don’t be surprised by the size of catwalk and number of seats. It’s a lot smaller in real life than it looks on TV!
  • The shows are usually only 20 minutes long. I expected it to be much longer!
  • Don’t be intimidated by all the well dressed people because it’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it.

So if you do get to attend a show during Fashion week, remember what Shweta Says: Go in there and strut your stuff and don’t let anyone guess that you are a Fashion Week fraud! And try not to fall.

Toronto Fashion Week; #WMCFW

Posing for Express at World Mastercard Fashion Week

Binders Full of Women



But I am a Recruiter and this is a RANT!

When I watched the U.S. Presidential debate two weeks ago between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama I started yelling at my screen.

Am I to believe that Mitt Romney, an executive with 25 years experience needed to get “Binders Full of Women” so that he could staff women for his cabinet? Really??? Really?? (said in a Seth Myers, SNL Weekend Update voice).

Binders Full of Women, Mitt Romney, shwetasays, Clinton

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Did Mitt not hire any women in his previous roles who he could have reached out to? Did Mitt not have numerous contacts from his 25 years of work in the private sector who were women ?

Also, who were these people who originally presented him with only male candidates? Were they also men? Was this just a big boys club? Bet it was. Because in over 8 years of recruitment experience there has only been a handful of times that I have only had men as qualified candidates. So either Mitt doesn’t know women, or his staff didn’t want to present him with female candidates. Either way… shame on you Mitt.

And so, executives of the world, here is my recommendation if you are looking for great talent.

Regardless of gender, look no further than your current organization.
At around the five year mark, people generally look to make a change in their career. Review your of list employees with five years tenure and have them taken for lunch. Find out their strengths, their interests outside of the office and where they want to take their career. Also, ask them what they love about the organization, and where they feel there is room for improvement.

Secondly, look at your high performing talent. What companies did they come from? Should your company recruit more talent from that organization? Sit down, and ask them who they know. Why? Because good people ALWAYS know good people.

And this is why I was so angry watching the debate. Good people always know good people. So why didn’t Mitt know a few good women? Why did he choose to surround himself with just the good old boys? Is it because with five sons and no daughters, that’s all he is comfortable with?

I am not American, but if I was… I would not vote for a man who needed to be brought a “Binder Full of Women”.