University Time!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Labour Day weekend and I have since I was a child. Getting a whole new wardrobe for school and all new fresh school supplies. Time for new beginnings!
Though I haven’t been to school in longer than I would like to admit, I still love watching kids walking to their first day of school. New clothes, new friends, new experiences.

This year is extra special for me. My nephew is moving away from home to attend university and live in residence. I can’t help but remember my first day moving into Queen’s University and the amazing four years I spent there. Those were truly the best years of my life where I made amazing friends and fell in love with my husband.

And now my darling nephew, who as a toddler would run through the hallways of my dormitory, is all grown up and will be running through the halls of his own dorm.

And so in honour of this momentous occasion I have put together some rules for my nephew for a great university experience. Others should also take note!

Pull at least one all-nighter
Don’t let your friends put up embarrassing photos of you online
Make friends inside and outside your program
Fall in love
Make sure your friends get home safely at night
Take long walks alone
Become known as “a good guy”
Party at least two nights/week
Don’t get involved with drama-queens
Get a part-time job
Try things, it probably won’t kill you. Unless of course they could, then don’t try
Go visit family for a weekend when you feel overwhelmed
Buy 30 pairs of underwear to limit amount of laundry
Invite a friend from high-school to come visit
Set a good example for your younger cousins 🙂

First day of university, U of T, shwetasays
My nephew Chris and Mia

P.S. love you Chris!

4 thoughts on “University Time!

  1. Excellent pointers. One thing I wish I learned in University was…Learn to make a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. The money saved and life skills learned are priceless.

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