Mini Manicure Monday


Couldn’t resist posting of a pic of Baby J’s latest manicure and pedicure courtesy of her amazing baby-sitter. Baby J thought the alternating colors were “so cool”.
For moms who are concerned about toxins in nail polish there are a number of products on the market with water soluble colors that are perfect for little fingers and toes!

Family Style Friday – Late Winter’s Walk


Look of The Day - Shweta & Baby JWith the warm weather on Sunday, 10 degrees Celsius in Toronto, we couldn’t help but take a walk and enjoy the the fresh air.

Baby J got quite a few compliments on her coat that day, so that I thought it would be a great chance to start some Mommy and Toddler Style posts.  With Baby J now being 3 years old she has a lot of influence on her look everyday (as you can see) which often slows us down as we are going out the door and causes us to be inevitably late for appointments, events etc. But in the end if she’s happy with what she’s wearing then what’s the harm with being five minutes late 🙂

Baby J’s style sense is: “More is More”. She always grabs the hat, gloves, umbrella etc as we are running out the door.

My style sense is simple: “Never Let Em See How Tired You Are” hence the giant sunglasses.

Baby J is wearing:

Shweta is wearing:

Hopefully as the weather gets warmer and warmer, I will have more diverse outfit posts to share, because frankly right now, its all about the coats!

Until then. Remember what Shweta Says: “Never Let Em See How Tired You Are”

xoxo Shweta

Songza Playlists are Simply Perfect

I was on Facebook one afternoon when a friend posted that they were enjoying listening to music on Songza while at work. I’m one of those very very lucky people to have my own office and so I often listen to music as I’m doing my standard correspondence or responding to emails. Up until recently though I was streaming radio station music, which unfortunately was full of commercials, and played the same songs over and over. 

With low expectations I decided to wander over to Songza and see what it was about.

My reaction was basically this “YIPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEE”

Songza has solved two of my problems:

  • No longer have to listen to songs I don’t like OR commercials
  • No longer have to spend hours downloading songs and organizing my iTunes to make playlists

It bears repeating:  YIPPPPEEEEE!!!


Songza Concierge Service

You can choose to listen to a pre-made playlist based on your activity for that time of the day with their concierge service (which is like having a boyfriend make you an awesome mix tape)! Or you can browse hundreds of playlists, and even see what type of music your friends are listening to! Can you tell I am obsessed? If a song comes on that you don’t like, you can choose to either dislike it or skip it. There’s a certain d-bag singer who beat his girlfriend that I refuse to listen to, so this comes in handy!

This service is completely free, and you can listen through their site or through one of their apps for iPhone, iPad, Kindle and Android.

I think one of the reasons why I love it so much, is because it’s so simple to use and because I’m listening to great upbeat music which is leading to me being more upbeat! Not to mention the daily dance parties that Baby J and I have! 

I truly believe that the way DVR/PVR changed the way we watch television, Songza is going to change the way we listen to music.

Shweta Says “If you haven’t signed up for Songza yet…go… go do it now!! You will thank me for it later :)”


Manicure Monday – Birthday Party Nails


Manicure Monday - Party Nails

Birthday Nails – Black & Gold

Time to get my party dress on and celebrate because it’s my birthday and  I’m turning 30 (again)!!
No birthday outfit would be complete without some fun nails.
This look is very simple to achieve, but I did get them professionally done.
First, start with a solid black nail. (I prefer Shellac).
Then using a fine brush coat your tips in gold glitter polish.
Finally, using the same brush, stroke vertically about 2 thirds of the way down your nail.
Voila!! Pretty party girl nails!

Depending on the occasion, you could try this look with Pink & Gold, or Black & Silver… the options are really endless!

Shweta Says: Enjoy and have fun! Cuz it’s my birthday!!!

xoxo Shweta

Pixie Mood Purse Review

I’m a mom. I’m a toddler mom. I have a gorgeous designer diaper bag like many of you. Except, I rarely use it.
I pretty much stopped using designer diaper bag when Baby J was 8 months old because I found it was just too heavy and bulky and took up all the space in her stroller basket and just did not fit my small shoulders lifestyle.
Adamant to not “that mom” who carries a giant diaper bag I started looking for affordable handbags which could do double duty as a purse for me and a bag for Baby J.

I recently discovered Pixie Mood and found the perfect bag to fit my needs!

Sarah bag by Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood is an animal-friendly company. All of their products are cruelty-free and made with vegan like leather. These bags are light weight, made of synthetic wool, cute and the interior lining is beautiful!

Don’t believe that Baby J and I can share? Check what’s in my bag!


For me:                                                    For Baby J:
Wallet                                                       Clothes
Hairbrush                                                 Change pad
Makeup                                                   Wipes
Phone                                                      Water
Keys                                                        Book

Did I mention the price point? $45!!!!!! For this amount, you can have more than 1!

Ladies, listen to what Shweta Says: We don’t have to give up style for function! We CAN have it all!

xoxo Shweta

P.S. I was not compensated for this post however Pixie Mood was kind enough to give me a complimentary bag for this review. However, I already have my eye on the Vanessa bag as a spring purchase! Soo cute!

Vanessa Bag by Pixie Mood